Corporate Vision
National Level To Improve The Health And Promote The Healthy And Sustainable Development Of China'S Medical Industry For The Mission, And Constantly Promote The Industry Technology And Industrial Progress, Reduce Health Care Costs, For The Benefit Of The Majority Of Patients.
Corporate Purposes
Customer Satisfaction, Employee Satisfaction, Shareholder Satisfaction, Social Satisfaction.
Core Values
People, Integrity, Professional And Efficient.
People - People-Oriented, Customer First
All Employees In Good Faith, The Quality Of Work, Scientific Methods, And Innovative Spirit, Unity And Cooperation, Proactive, Precise Refinement, Continuous Improvement, To Provide Customers With Quality Products And Satisfactory Service.
Integrity - Realistic, Honest Work
We Must Adhere Close To The Market, Business Integrity, To Win The Market And Win Customers. Practical, Pragmatic, Honest. All The Acts Are To Be Realistic, Everything From Reality, Practice Is The Sole Criterion For Testing Truth.
Professional - Professional Work, Excellence
With A Professional Attitude And Professional Spirit To Do Things, So That Employees Become Experts Specializing In Each Module.
Adhere To The System Innovation, Product Innovation, Service Innovation, Pursuit Of Excellence, Achieve Excellence, To Create First-Class Products And Good Customer Service.
Efficient - Abide By The Duties, Efficient Execution
Sense Of Responsibility From The "I" To Start. Business Community, Customers, Employees Must Have A High Sense Of Responsibility; Employees Of The Company, Customers And Must Have A Good Sense Of Their Own Responsibility. Our Corporate Social Responsibility Into All Business Activities, While Concerned About Investors, Customers, Employees Multistakeholder Ensure The Sustainable Development Of Enterprises.
To Abide By The Duty, To Do Rapid Response, To Eliminate Drag, Efficient Collaboration, Eliminate Prevarication.
Professional Staff Training
Slim Lide
Love Work
Team Culture
The Company'S Development Is Everyone'S Responsibility
Happy, Healthy Life
Thanksgiving Companies, Thanksgiving Colleague
Dedication, After The First Round
Solidarity, Overcoming Difficulties
Willing To Learn, Continue To Grow