Basic information
Company Name: Zhejiang SuJia Medical Devices Co., Ltd.
Jane Said: Sujia Medical
Address: China Jiaxing, Zhejiang Zhenxing Road 168 Zip Code: 314000
Telephone Exchange:0573-82222666
General Office:0573-82222666-8216
Contact: Director Xu
Sales And After-Sales
Sales And Consulting
We Are Dedicated To Provide You More Confidence, More Professional Product Advice And Technical Guidance Services.
Service Hotline:0573-82222666
Fax: 0573-82222666
Sale And Technology
Sujia Medical Sales Service Commitment And Will Follow The Terms Of The Contract Goods, If You Have Any Difficulty In Using The Product, You Can Call To Contact Us.
Product Service:
24-Hour Technical Support:0573-82222666
Order Consulting
Product Shipments Enquiry Line, You Only Need To Dial A Phone, We Will Quickly Provide You Query Order Information And Product Shipping Status.
Enquiry Line
Phone:027-8792 9773
SuJia Shares Investment Companies
Wave One Hundred Million US Joint Venture Medical Devices Co., Ltd.
The Company Occupies A Total Area Of 25 Acres, The Construction Area Of 13,000 Square Meters, Of Which 100,000 Purification Plant 2,000 Square Meters. Wave Million Managed In Full Accordance With Sujia Management Mode, In Order To Export-Oriented Production And Processing Of Medical Devices.
World Source Wave One Hundred Million US Joint Venture Medical Products Co., Ltd.
The Company Was Founded In 2003, Is Specialized In High-End Medical Devices And Specialty Industrial Protective Materials Research And Development And Manufacturing Company, Is A Collection Development, Production, International / Domestic Sales, Direct Chain Sales Of High-Tech Companies. The Main Processing, Production, Sales Of All Types Of Surgical Instruments Used In The Operating Room, Articles Of Containers, Pallets, Etc., All Export Products. WHO Source Technology Process From Raw Materials To End Products Provide One-Stop Supply Chain, Product Coverage, As A Strong Advantage To The WHO Source Technology Into The Domestic And International Markets Added Boost. Company For 10 Years To Maintain The Medical Equipment Industry Exports Jiaxing First.
SuJia Shanghai Medical Devices Co., Ltd.
ShangHai SuJia was established in 2006, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sujia shares, investment of more than 40 million, to build Shanghai Mega Tower (Zhongshan Park opposite), is a medical device for overseas counterparts trading company, sales agents world brand medical equipment, mainly with a world-class brand, business cooperation and common development of the Chinese market; while Sujia products to the international market.
Xiuzhou District Of Jiaxing City Afar Microfinance Limited
Composed Of Five Aromatic Vegetarian Group Co., Ltd. And Other Nine Companies, Individuals Set Up Investment, Registered Capital Of 80 Million Yuan, Is Currently The Only Xiuzhou District Of Jiaxing City, A Small Loan Company. The Main Capital Run: Microcredit, On Behalf Of Finance, Debt And Other Business Agents Dunning. Distant Small Loan Companies Strictly Enforce The Country'S Financial Guidelines, Policies, Legal Compliance Management, No Deposits From The Public, Adhere To The "Small, Decentralized" Loan Principle, Dedicated Service For SMEs. With Serious Attitude, Flexible And Easy To Operate, To Provide Customers With Professional, Personalized Consultancy Service Quality And Efficient One.