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Why overseas medical treatment of ovarian cancer survive mor
According to the US National Cancer Institute surveillance, epidemiology and outcomes research programs (SEER) statistics, 5-year survival rate of ovarian cancer patients was 45.6%. Although few studies have investigated ovarian cancer patiRead More
We must know the six tumor minimally invasive treatment tech
Minimally Invasive Medicine is a medical image-oriented, minimally invasive technology-based treatment and diagnosis of combining new methods, with the medical imaging guidance, so that our positioning and treatment is more accurate, and thRead More
Connection "magazine: the remodeling of gene technology wil
August 15, US Connection magazine recently published an article entitled Easy gene editing technology will change the world, the cover article, article author is Mark Simon Amy (Amy Maxmen). This paper introduces a method called Crispr Cas9Read More
Color Doppler ultrasound in elderly dialysis patients autoge
Recently, Chongqing Iron and Steel Group employees Ultrasound, General Hospital researchers published papers, was designed to investigate the clinical value of color Doppler ultrasound after the end-stage renal disease in old autogenous artRead More
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