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Why overseas medical treatment of ovarian cancer survive mor
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According to the US National Cancer Institute surveillance, epidemiology and outcomes research programs (SEER) statistics, 5-year survival rate of ovarian cancer patients was 45.6%. Although few studies have investigated ovarian cancer patients longer survival, but 5-year survival rate of only statistical data is not enough.
More than 30% survival of ovarian cancer patients over 10 years
The authors of the study, University of California, Davis, Department of Public Health, Rosemary Cress and her colleagues conducted a study of 10-year survival of patients with ovarian cancer investigation. They analyzed data from the California Cancer Registry, 1994-2001, there are 11,541 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which is the most common type of the disease, the proportion of ovarian cancer is about 9 / 10. The study found there are 3,582 (31%) patients survived more than 10 years. Because in the original old, higher-grade tumors or advanced cancer is considered a higher risk of death in patients, there are 954 people survived over 10 years.
Cress said: "For this is generally considered a high mortality rate of cancer appeared in a lot of long-term survivors of the results, we feel a little surprised."
In the study enrolled 11,541 patients with ovarian cancer, there are 3582 (31%) patients survived more than 10 years.
Why these survival of ovarian cancer patients for more than 10 years?
Co-author of the study, University of California, Davis, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Gary Leiserowitz said: "This may be because there are some patients with ovarian cancer BRCA1 and BRCA2 gene mutations, the presence of these mutations in patients response to chemotherapy better. In addition, for patients with advanced ovarian cancer, biological differences can affect the results of individual treatment, some patients will be a more effective treatment compared to the other patients, thereby increasing the likelihood of their survival. "
This finding is significant for patients
Although further research is needed to clarify why some long-term survival of patients with ovarian cancer, but the findings of thousands of patients with ovarian cancer offers hope.
Cress said: "Almost all patients will die of ovarian cancer is not true, and the news after their first visit to a doctor and cancer specialist treatment admissions for obstetricians is helpful."
Leiserowitz said, "to inform patients of this information is very important. Many patients and physicians agree that ovarian cancer is very dangerous cancer, but they do not realize there is a huge biological differences between patients. Ovarian cancer is not always fatal of. "
Jacqueline Price is Leiserowitz patient, a 74-year ovarian cancer survivor, she was diagnosed with stage Ⅲ ovarian cancer at 60 years of age. She believes this latest research results will enable those patients with ovarian cancer to understand this disease is not "inevitable death sentence" and enhance their optimism, past studies have shown optimism can improve cancer survival.
Requires further study
Cress expressed the need for more research to better understand the long-term survival of patients with ovarian cancer, but the researchers lack of long-term follow-up of patients with resources.
She also pointed out: "The advantage of our study is that it can get more than 10 years of cancer patients in population-based registration data, however, future research should investigate potential mechanisms of long-term survival of patients with ovarian cancer after studies in cancer registration data. increased information and more detailed treatment of ovarian tumors derived from genomic data analysis to determine the impact of these factors on survival. "