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Connection "magazine: the remodeling of gene technology will
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August 15, US "Connection" magazine recently published an article entitled "Easy gene editing technology will change the world," the cover article, article author is Mark Simon Amy (Amy Maxmen). This paper introduces a method called "Crispr Cas9" gene editing technology, which can treat AIDS, cancer play an important role, but also for the next 90 million people produce crops, but can also be a huge disaster, as the emergence of a variety of science fiction movie monster.

The meeting concluded, MIT biologist David Baltimore and four other molecular biologists spent a whole night to write a consensus statement. They envisioned a method to prevent potentially dangerous behaviors, and clearly dangerous pathogens cloning and experiments to the penalty area.
Several participants also worry about "germline" Edit this crazy idea, but most people think it is too far away to consider things is unrealistic. Because the design of microorganisms is difficult enough, so the rules established by the scientists involved in icy Loma conference looks very advanced.
Earlier this year, Baltimore attended the meeting to another in California Napa Valley Carneros Inn (The Carneros Inn) held the other 17 participants as well as researchers. "I have a feeling of deja vu." Baltimore said. Once again, he gathered with the world's smartest scientists together, talk about the impact of genetic engineering.