Disposable Anesthesia Puncture Kit

Combined Epidural/Spinal Anesthesia Kit ▲ Joint centesis improve the efficiency of anesthesia. The pencil-point makes minimal invasion and reduce the headache after spinal anesthesia, which is safer for patient. Non-penetration X-ray epid

Disposable Electronic Infusion Pump

Disposable Electronic Infusion Pump ▲Microcomputer controlled flow rate of anesthetic. ▲Doctor can make adjustment of anesthetic flow rate as different patient need, which makes better on pain-relief. Consistent and accurate flow rate o

Disposable Tracheal Tube

Disposable General Anesthesia Dressing Kit General Anesthesia Kit (FL-Q) Gastro scope Kit (FL-W) Mucous Extractor Kit (FL-X) Medication Redressing Kit (FL-H) Uriniferous Kit (FL-D) General Anesthesia Kit (FL-Q) Gastro scope Kit (FL-W)

Disposable Tracheotomy Tube

Disposable Tracheotomy Tube ▲ The product with low-pressure thin wall cuff which can protect tracheal mucosa. Soft and slippery tube will not make damage to the surrounding organ. Curvy design of the tube will easy to fit and to be fixed.

Disposable Linkage Tube II

T-Shape Tube Type I ▲ The product with soft shaft with lucent and slippy wall is stable which keeps the liquid flow balanced. The standard locking joint prevents slipping and heparin cap fixes silicon head make liquid not leaking even if


Disposable Umbilical Cord Clip It is used for cutting the umbilical cord and easy for operating. Fetus Heart Stethoscope ▲ It molded by medical macromolecule material. ▲ It used to monitor the intensity and frequency of fetus heart rate

Disposable Central Venous Catheter Punc

Disposable Central Venous Catheter Puncture Kit ▲ The I.V. cannula and central venous catheter in the kit are clinically used to retain in the vein and artery for infusion of medicine fluid or for measurement of pressure. The I.V. cannula

Disposable Airway

Disposable Airway ▲ A fixture to protect the lips and mouth of patient. To make observation to the throat. The fixture can be attached on therapeutic equipment. ▲ Specification: Type I (Airway) Type II (Gullet Fixture) Type III (Gastros

Pressure Infusion Bag

Pressure Infusion Bag Simple to Use Pressurizes and deflates easily operating with just one hand. Oval shaped bulb is easily to make inflation. Transparent from panel allows visual checking fluids. It with patient information mark area. No

Disposable endotracheal intubation

Disposable endotracheal intubation Application: products for emergency department, ICU and emergency recovery department for those in need of anesthetic, artificial ventilation or other assisted respiration in patients to establish a short-