Disposable Linkage Tube II

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T-Shape Tube Type I
▲  The product with soft shaft with lucent and slippy wall is stable which keeps the liquid flow balanced. The standard locking joint prevents slipping and heparin cap fixes silicon head make liquid not leaking even if needle performs more than once. It is widely used for anesthesia and adding medicine.
▲ Specification (inner diameter): 1.4 X 120mm; 2.0 X 120mm. Customizable in length.

Venous Extension Tube
▲  Soft and clear tube is easy for observation and to join with transfusion tube to extending the length of the tube, easy for adding medicine in long distance for patient. Spheric inserting slice is adjustable and to stop medicine fluid flow. Standard locking connector is safe to use.
▲  Specification: Great variety of goods.