Disposable Tracheotomy Tube

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Disposable Tracheotomy Tube
▲ The product with low-pressure thin wall cuff which can protect tracheal mucosa. Soft and slippery tube will not make damage to the surrounding organ. Curvy design of the tube will easy to fit and to be fixed.
▲ Specification (inner diameter): 5.0; 5.5; 6.0; 6.5; 7.0; 7.5; 8.0; 8.5; 9.0; 9.5; 10.0; 10.5; 11.0. Two product models – Cuffed and uncuffed

Upgraded Tracheal Tube
▲ The advantage of the product is fold and block will not occur after the changing surgery posture thus to make artificial airway stable. It assembles with international standard joint with clear scale mark.
▲ Specification ID: 2.5 - 10mm. Two product models - Cuffed and uncuffed.
Cuffed and uncuffed