Talent Idea:
The Appropriate Allocation Of Talent To The Appropriate Position
To Permanently Retain Talent, Tolerance Alone Is Not Enough, The Key Lies To Make People Give Full Play To Their Talents
  •  Promote The "Three Keep People" Policy, Namely By The Cause Of Keeping Feelings Keep People Rely On, Rely On Pay And Conditions.
  •  Promote Internal Competition, For Each Vacant Post, Olin Employees According To Their Own Career Development Needs, Submit An Application To Be Admitted As Candidates Employees, The Department Heads Of The Original Post For Any Reason Impede The Employee Transfer Kong.
  •  Let The Right People Do The Right Thing, So Interested People Interested In Doing Things, Is A Purpose Olin Internal Talent Management And Mobility.
  •  Respect For Human Selection Mechanism, So That More People Stay In Business By Employees Spontaneous Learning, Allowing Employees To Achieve Self-Value, Let The Value Of Employees In The Enterprise To Find A More Suitable Job, This Measure Will Not Only Greatly Reduce The Staff Turnover, But Also Realized The Knowledge Of Tradition And Innovation. So That Companies And Employees To Achieve Common Development, Enterprises And Employees Win-Win.
  •  Medical Sujia Its "Be Tolerant To Diversity, Tolerance Is A Virtue," The Majority Of Mind, So That All Kinds Of Talent And Olin Common Growth And Development, There Is Such A Concept In The Management Of Medical Sujia: "The Director Of Both The Employer, But Also Guest, The Short.
The Success Of A Business, The Most Crucial Factor Is The Talent. This Decade, We Always Adhere To The Corporate Culture Oriented Talent Selection And Incentives, It Is To Form A Soil, Attracting More And More People Become Sujia Medical Cause Of Fellow Travelers. This Is Our Biggest Harvest In Decades Of Development, The Most Important Achievement.
We Emphasize That Any Employee Is A Valued Member Of The Corporate Team, Emphasizing The Value Of Life Of Employees And The Company'S Value Orientation Coincide. Maintain The Relationship Between The Real And Corporate Staff Are Good Wish And Common Ideals.
Sujia Medical Team Building, In Addition To Hiring, Pay More Attention To Internal Promotion, Adhere To The Implementation Of The Successor Training Plan, Provide A Good Space For Development And Advancement Opportunities For Employees. We Will Vigorously Build A Learning Organization And Staff Development Platform For Employee Career Growth Through Training, Job Rotation And Other Means Of Learning, Thereby Enhancing The Professional Values Of Employees, So That The Best Learning Opportunities For Companies To Give Employees Benefits.