Deputy General Manager
Position requirements and duties:
1. Be engaged on medical devices related work more than 5 years and give priority to job seeker who has variety experience on IVD reagents and microbiological media.
2. Be good at arranging daily management work on producing, technology and quality.
3. Be familiar with the related law and rules of IVD reagents; be known of what medical devices producing, technology and quality registration needs; be understood of quality management system and help to make daily work operating well.
4. With core technology of IVD reagents and entire business management work experience.
5. With good awareness on product quality control and able to building a effective management system which help to make a standard to the enterprise management.
Sales Representative
Position requirements and duties:
1、Age 25 – 35 without requirement in gender.
2、With a certain financial capacity.
3、With good communication skills.
4、With team work and customer service awareness and sprit.
5、Working hard and has a good physical condition for business trip needs.
6、Basic salary is 2,000 RMB which is not including business commission per month. Average over 5,000 a month.
Polymer Engineer (Plastic)
Position requirements and duties:
1、With work experience on plastic industry.
2、Study professional polymer major and with middle class on polymer qualification.
3、With experience on join in and design a engineering projection.
4、There gives priority to job seeker who has variety experience on polymer related works. Education background and age conditions don’t need refer to other career position.
Mechanical Engineer
Position requirements and duties:
1、With college degree or above with mechanical major course.
2、There gives priority to job seeker who has 3 years or more experience on mechanical product or structure design.
3、With abilities to use Soldword, CAD and other related design computer software.
4、Age above 25 years old.
5、With basic knowledge on machining.
Position requirements and duties:
1、With abilities on mechanical equipment or product design and make.
2、With abilities to employing, maintaining, repairing and managing electric equipment which assist or directly applies in producing.
3、With abilities on choose and make adjustment on electric equipment which assist or directly applies in producing.
4、With abilities on technical management of producing field.
5、With abilities to use mechanical and other related software to design mechanical or electric equipment graph paper.
6、Age within 50 years old without requirement in gender.
Laboratory Technician
Position requirements and duties:
1、Graduated above Technical Secondary School and know about medicine, food and other related knowledge.
2、There gives priority to job seeker who has technical certificates.
3、Be familiar with laboratory operating procedure and able to use analysis meter and terminator independently.  
4、Be able to fully in charge of quality sampling inspection, seal up for safe keeping and sample reserves in produce procedure.
5、Be able to summarize and keep all kinds of analyzed data and sources, recording data and sources into a completed quality standing book.
6、Report the discovered quality problems to superior in time.
7、Maintaining laboratory equipments and keep them clear.
Equipment Maintaining Technician
Position requirements and duties:
1、 Aged 30 to 40 years old with good physical conditions and accept extra work in night.
2、With technician work license and people who has maintaining work experience and Jiaxing local person will be first in considering to be invited.
3、Mainly service to pneumatic equipments.
Workshop Quality Controller
Position requirements and duties:
1、 Female with college or above degree.
2、Be familiar with product measuring tools and who with related work experience will be preferred.
3、Take in charge of quality monitoring in producing procedure.
4、Make notes in daily monitor work and report problem when discovered.
Workshop Team Header
Position requirements and duties:
1、Aged 25 to 35 years old and married female.
2、With junior high school or above degree.
3、Outgoing and expressive personality needed.
4、Be confident to make a voice on work, candid about the matters and bear hardships and stand hard work.
5、With management experience will be preferred.